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Styles House TMO

In July 2011 the Styles House tenants and residents association (TRA) served a Right to Manage notice on the council. Styles House TMO was registered as an Industrial and Provident Society in March 2012.

Styles House Limited is a Registered Society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 and it is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Membership of the TMO is open to all adults living legally on the estate, as well as non-resident leaseholders. Membership costs £1 and there are currently around 36 residents who are members of the TMO. The financial risk to shareholders is limited to the cost of their £1 share.

The TMO is run by a Board of Management elected at each AGM. All shareholding members are entitled to take part in the way the TMO is governed. This means you can attend and vote at TMO general meetings and also stand for election to the Board.

The TMO’s Board of Management has worked to develop the skills and processes forrunning selected housing services. The Board of Management is made up of resident volunteers, who are responsible for setting the strategic direction of the TMO and managing the performance of its staff and contractors. The committee is elected by and from the shareholders of the TMO at each AGM.

Members of the management committee are not paid for their time. They do not carry out any housing management responsibilities or have access to confidential information about residents.

The housing management responsibilities of the TMO will be carried out by the paid,professional staff, managed by the TMO estate manager. The estate manager is appointed by and accountable to the Board. Through regular reports from the estate manager, the Board will monitor the performance of paid staff and contractors, and will work with the estate manager to set budgets, priorities and targets for the TMO.