After years of complaining about the noise from the bars and restaurants along Isabella Street ,and a long and tedious investigations from the council ,it was agreed that the bars were causing a nuisance and there was a need for the council to review their licenses. as a result additional conditions were added to the bars’ License Agreement. Here are some of the key changes:

  • all doors, concertina doors and windows shall remain closed (except for access or egress).
  • That any background music played shall remain at a volume that permits normal conversation and that the volume control of any music is behind the bar/counter and is in the full control of staff at all times.
  • That two SIA officer be employed, to monitor and control the behaviour and dispersal of patrons leaving the premises between 22:00- 00:30 on Thursdays, and 20:00 – 01:00 on Friday and Saturday nights
  • That the use of the external frontage area, except for smoking, shall cease at 22:00 which point all patrons will be instructed to move indoors.
  • That at 22:00, the external terrace canopy shall be deployed to cover the designated smoking area.
  • That there shall be no drinks permitted to be taken outside after 22:00.
  • That there shall be no drinks permitted to be taken beyond the boundary of external frontage area at any time.
  • That after 22:00, customers permitted to temporarily leave and then re-enter the premises to smoke must be restricted to No more than 10 customers in the designated smoking area at any one time.
Styles House Residents have voted
45 voted YES
5 voted NO
1 was rejected
the residents are happy with the proposed redevelopment and the project can move forward
stay tuned